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April - July 2015

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April 2015

9 - 10 Second Sino-Africa Forum on Marine Science and Technology
Attendance by invitation
Nairobi, Kenya    
11 - 13 Forum Ocean Obs Group V: Forum on Sustained Ocean Observations and Services in IOC Group V (Africa and Arab countries)
Open attendance
Nairobi, Kenya 8
13 - 15 IOCAFRICA-III: Third Session of the IOC Sub Commission for Africa and the Adjacent Island States
Open attendance
Nairobi, Kenya    
14 - 17 OOPC-18: Eighteenth Session of the Ocean Observations panel for Physics and Climate
This OOPC meeting will be held in parallel with the GOOS Biogeochemistry/International Ocean Carbon Coordination Project (IOCCP) to discuss cross...
Attendance by invitation
Sendai, Japan 19
20 - 21 IIOE-2 IPC: IIOE-2 Interim Planning Committee
Paris, France 1
27 - 30 OCG-6: Sixth Session of the JCOMM Observations Coordination Group (OCG)
Attendance by invitation
Cape Town, South Africa 16

May 2015

21 - 22 GOOS-Biology and Ecosystems
Attendance by invitation
Townsville MC, Australia    
24 - 26 GOOS SC 4: GOOS Steering Committee 4
Attendance by invitation
Townsville 4810, Australia
27 - 29 Blue Planet Symposium
Cairns, Australia

June 2015

10 - 12 Workshop on global and regional sea level variability and change
The workshop aims at evaluating the current state-of-knowledge of the sea level science, providing a forum for the discussion and the exchange of...
Palma de Mallorca, Spain    

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