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TEOS2010thumbThe International Thermodynamic Equation of Seawater - 2010: A scientific summary for policy makers.

This booklet describes the new standards for interpretation of salinity, temperature and pressure of seawater to derive fundamental quantities such as density, speed of sound, heat capacity of seawater.  The previous "Equation of State of Seawater" involved empirical polynomial expansions for the equations needed to evaluate the properties of Seawater.  The new TEOS-10 places the calculations on firm theoretical ground, using the latest in thermodynamic and chemistry sciences to expand and improve the range of application of the equation of state.  Now the properties of seawater may be evaluated from fresh water to brackish saline pond and from the point of evaporation to the pressures at tens of kilometers depth.

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ArcticFrontCover100"Services to society from a sustained ocean observing system"  Peter Bates and Keith Alverson, IOC.

Vulnerability in the Arctic Ocean is increasing. Its environment and peoples are under growing stress from climate change, industrial development and increasing accessibility.  Never has accurate information been more important, yet at present we know very little about the Arctic Ocean.

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"Sea Level Rise and Variability: A Summary for Policy Makers"

This IOC policy brief builds on the book "Understanding Sea Level Rise and Variability", now available from Wiley-Blackwell publishers.

The Policy Brief has now been made available in English, Spanish and French:
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understandingsealevelrise_thumb"Understanding Sea Level Rise and Variability"

The book, an outcome of the World Climate Research Programme workshop in 2006, identifies the research and observations required to reduce uncertainties in our understanding of sea-level rise so that more reliable future projections can be made. More information about the WCRP workshop and book


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troubledwatersgoosthumbTwo long time contributors to the GOOS, Peter Dexter and Colin Summerhayes, have created an eloquent summary of the purpose and need for a GOOS.  This is a chapter of the recently published book, "Troubled Waters: Ocean Science and Governance" edited by David Pugh and Geoff Holland.

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goosbrochurecover.jpgThis booklet describes the GOOS poster designed by Glynn Gorick.  The poster is a vivid depiction of dozens of technologies and systems which comprise the GOOS.  The booklet breaks down the poster and explains each system in a short summary, with web links to the major GOOS programmes.  Copies of the booklet are available from the GOOS Project Office.  Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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