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The Global Ocean Observing System is entering a new phase, which brings some new challenges as to how we develop, sustain and improve the ocean observing system to meet requirements; acknowledging that our system understanding, requirements, observing technologies have and will all evolve. Some aspects of the observing system are highly mature and the challenge is to strengthen and sustain, while considering new requirements and technologies; while the expansion into sustained observations for ocean biogeochemistry and biology presents new challenges. 

Focused, finite lifetime GOOS development projects have been identified as an effective way to drive the development of the Global Ocean Observing System; both for redesigning mature observing systems, and for expanding the observing system into new areas.  The projects are developed through the observing system evaluation activities of the GOOS Expert Panels, based on an assessment of observing system requirements. 

TPOS 2020

The Tropical Pacific Observing System (TPOS 2020) Project has been established to transition the Tropical Pacific Observing System to be more robust, integrated and sustainable, and to meet future requirements. See more at


The Deep Ocean Observing Strategy will also be developed as a multi-disciplinary project, designed to expand the current observing system into the deep ocean.  More information on the Deep Ocean Observing Strategy can be found at

Future projects are anticipated to develop, and expand the observing system to be more robust, more integrated, more multidisciplinary, and connecting open ocean to shelf and coastal observing systems.