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The Pacific Islands Global Ocean Observing System [PI-GOOS] Global Regional Alliance [GRA] was established in 1998 at the Pacific Regional GOOS Capacity Building Workshop, which convened in Suva, Fiji in 1998. The South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission [SOPAC] was identified as the interim secretariat for PI-GOOS at the same workshop.

PI-GOOS was established to place an obligation on the participating countries to review their ongoing research and monitoring activities, as well as to assess their priority demands and the need of developing and implementing an internationally co-ordinated strategy for gathering, acquisition and exchange of these data.

The PI-GOOS GRA permits to integrate present ongoing ocean research and monitoring activities into the Pacific Islands Regional Ocean Policy, as well as to broaden the scope of activities for marine environment protection and marine resources management. It facilitates, encourages and widens data usage to develop enabling tools and services for better and sustainable use of ocean resources and ocean environment. The PI-GOOS GRA can possibly trigger opportunities for new activities and new partnerships both within and outside the region.