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  • Essential Ocean Variables Panels
    are advisory bodies which supply the GSC with scientific studies and expertise underpinning the strategic goals of GOOS. The Ocean Observations Panel for Climate (OOPC) continues its role advising GOOS and GCOS on global ocean physics essential ocean variables. The Biogeochemistry Panel will naturally be organized by the International Ocean Carbon Coordination Panel (IOCCP). The Biology & Ecology panel is a new creation, which has received support for a new Secretariat hosted by Australia. Biology & Ecosystem and Biogeochemistry Panels had their first formative meetings in Nov. 2013.

Links to the Three different Panels:

  • GOOS Biology and Ecosystems Panel (Bio-Eco)
  • GOOS Biogeochemistry Panel (IOCCP)
  • GOOS Physics Panel (OOPC)