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 The Framework for Ocean Observing is a set guidelines for development of an Ocean Observing System which was devised in response to the call for action from the Ocean Obs'09 meeting in Venice.  The Framework is being utilized as a tool to reform and further develop the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS). It provides a system-level view of best practices for setting requirements, coordinating observation networks, and delivering information products for sustained global ocean observing to address scientific and societal issues. The Framework brings together a suite of ideas to re-energize development of global ocean observing infrastructure. It embraces a key theme of OceanObs’09 to broaden sustained global ocean observing across ocean science disciplines. It suggests appeal to international conventions beyond the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The concept of communication across the system in terms of “Essential Ocean Variables,” is modeled after Essential Climate Variables used in the Global Climate Observing System. The Framework articulates development of subsystems in terms of “readiness” using assessment of feasibility and fitness-for-purpose in order to embrace emerging research to empower sustained ocean observing.

“The Framework for Ocean Observing” is fully described at , and summarized in Framework Implementation Plan.