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Ocean Science for Development in SIDS: Facts and Figures

SIDS SciDevNet 2014The GOOS Project Office Paris, has contributed an article about Small Island Developing States (SIDS) ocean observation needs to SciDevNet (Link to SIDS Article)  in preparation for the Third International SIDS Conference in September 2014 in Samoa.  The article written by Sarah Grimes with contributions from colleagues at IOCARIBE, PIGOOS, IOGOOS, Perth Regional Programme Office and IOC Paris, highlights the need for coordinated ocean monitoring to support SIDS management of the marine environment based on the best science available.  The Ocean environment is central to the welfare of SIDS, and as such is a major focus of the SIDS Conference.  The conference is expected to reaffirm the Rio+20 declaration of SIDS’ particular vulnerability and need for special assistance to enhance marine research and improve technology transfer to enable SIDS to monitor and have better access to ocean data.

PI-GOOS hires new officer

Pacific Islands Global Ocean Observing System (PI-GOOS) has appointed Dr. Tommy Moore as the new officer. The PI-GOOS secretariat is hosted at the Secretariat of the Pacific Region Environmental Programme (SPREP), based in Apia, Samoa, where Tommy also serves as a member of the Pacific Meteorology Desk. 


In Memoriam Kostas Nittis (1964-2014)

Kostas Nittis, Secretary General of EuroGOOS, died after a long illness on 29 July 2014.

Kostas has been a member of the GOOS community since its inception, and a strong advocate of the international efforts to monitor the seas. His participation on GOOS committees, and especially as Secretary General of EuroGOOS, has always been appreciated, and he will be sorely missed by us all.

Kostas did his Ph.D. work on the variability of the Aegean and Ionian Seas, and after starting his career at the University of Athens, worked for 15 years at the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, rising to the position of Research Director. Over these years, he was involved in numerous European research projects leading to the development of operational oceanography. As Chair of the European Marine Board, he oversaw the development of common priorities in the marine research community, and developed a series of outputs to influence the science-policy interface, focused on addressing societal challenges and opportunities. Secretary General of EuroGOOS since January 2013, the European Global Ocean Observing System, Kostas oversaw the establishment of a legal entity committed to European-scale operational oceanography, tirelessly promoting its development, fostering cooperation amongst European institutions, and ensuring coordination with international initiatives such as GOOS. He continued his work for the community despite his illness.

Our thoughts are with the EuroGOOS community and his family.

IMOS Recognized as a GRA

The Australia Integrated Marine Observing System has been recognized as a GOOS Regional Alliance by the IOC Executive Council.  At their 47th session the IOC Executive Council reviewed the recommendation of the GOOS Steering Committee to recognize the Australian Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) as a GOOS Regional Alliance (IOC/EC-XLVII/2 Annex 1, Section J). The Executive Council acknowledged the accomplishments of the Australian IMOS, welcomed the intention of IMOS to serve regional needs in addition to national programmes and recognized the IMOS as a GOOS Regional Alliance. 


GOOS Update April 2014

The new GOOS Update is a quarterly review of activities of the GOOS Steering Committee and panels, GOOS Regional Alliance news, examples of how ocean observations are being applied, and job opportunities. 

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